Do you own a business in Thailand?

Do you want to reach the locals more and better?

Our localization is a great tool to help you.  More than translation, we add the process of adapting a piece of content’s full meaning for a new region, including translation and cultural elements that influence how your content will be perceived.

Localization is all about making your website feel like it was written with that audience in mind. Fully localized content resonates with users because it incorporates relevant cultural nuance to feel familiar instead of simply replacing English words with translated text.

Localization will make your Social media captions or E-Newsletters communicate better with your target audience in that region.

More than translation, the localization looks at every aspect of your content, including:

  • Language: Translation is a crucial aspect of localization, but it’s far from the only part. Transforming your content from your source language to your target language is just the beginning.
  • Tone and message: Localization considers what will resonate with your target audience, not just what’s technically correct.  Great tool to persuade them or educate them in your marketing materials.

Our localizations are available in Thai, English, Russian, and Chinese.